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Staging Your Home

Learn about Bergman Realty Group’s complimentary Staging Services …

When you select Bergman Realty Group to represent your home as your Listing Agent, complimentary Staging Services are available.

National and local Statistics evidence the value of utilizing these services. Homes providing Buyers with a “WOW!” reaction upon entry — and an emotional connection, where they can imagine your home as “THEIRS” — SELL more quickly and frequently for greater $$$.

Bergman Realty Group distinguishes itself by providing listing clients with the opportunity to access these service AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

With your permission, your home will be evaluated. Some items may be identified and recommended for removal. Again at no charge to you, other items may be added by Bergman Realty Group Staging Services to achieve the irresistible ambiance AND SALE that is our goal!!!

Bergman Realty Group Staging Services are offered to Bergman Realty Group clients only.



Please contact Bergman Realty Group Office for more details or send an email to Rita Bergman.
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The slider showcases the dramatic improvements after staging