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About Rita Bergman …

Like her husband Bill, Rita is originally from the Midwest. Her undergraduate and graduate studies took place at Iowa State University–Cyclone Country!!! (Bill and his Dad are Hawkeyes–so a healthy family rivalry exists!!!)

Rita’s professional career was focused on sales, marketing, sales training and management for Fortune 500 companies. During her tenure she received numerous awards for her contributions to company goal achievement.

In 1990 Rita founded Excellence Incorporated, a Home infusion Therapy business consisting of high tech pharmacies, certified registered nurse infusion specialists and state of the art infusion equipment. Excellence Inc. quickly grew to dominate its markets in Florida and North Carolina. Differentiating itself from numerous competitors by TAILORING and CUSTOMIZING services to prescribing physicians and their patients drove sales, growth and client satisfaction.

In 1995 Rita sold Excellence to a giant national Infusion Therapy company and she and her late husband retired.

In addition to medical sales, Rita shares a passion with Bill for Real Estate sales and development. She has designed, built and renovated numerous properties–both for personal use and as investments.

She brings the sales and marketing experience, entrepreneurial spirit AND home design and decorating acumen to Bergman Realty Group–as Marketing Director and head of Bergman Realty Group Staging Services.

Rita Bergman office: 970.468.0410
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