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Selling a Property

Selling your Home can be a little stressful and the process of it has become more complex in recent years, due to new regulations, forms and a changing market.
To make this experience a smooth one, and as stress-free as possible, we recommend that you find an experienced, qualified Broker/Real Estate Agent first. We would be honored, if we could fill that role!
Stop by our office and let’s discuss what may help you sell your property in a reasonable time frame. Here are a few TIPS to consider before you stop in:
Make a plan, starting with your home first, and the property around it:
Space is a valuable commodity and square footage matters! Clutter throughout your home, countertops stacked with appliances and over filled storage spaces and garages make your home look smaller!

  • Open it up by de-cluttering it; donating to charities is always a good option.
  • Make sure everything is in a state of good repair.
  • A fresh coat of neutral paint is always recommended.
  • Have the carpeting/home cleaned by a professional.
  • Make sure the surrounding of your home is immaculate as well.

Stop in – and let’s discuss a marketing strategy that will work best for YOUR property
Utilize our in-depth knowledge of Summit’s Communities and our years of experience in this market!
Let’s team up – and your Home Sale will be a pleasurable experience and not a stressful event – from listing it – to closing day!

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