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Keystone, CO
September 27, 2018

“Bill is the best Realtor in Summit County with the unique ability to structure financial arrangements that meet both the Buyer and Seller.” – Steve and Gaye Wormi


Keystone, CO
May 7, 2021

I got that lovely book from you today thank you so much! Looking through and enjoying all the good times we had over there. And also for paying the land survey – what a sweet thing for you to do didn’t even know I had a bill there. So again, thanks a lot for that too.  And thanks for being a great broker for me. You were very good to work with, easy going – that is what I wanted. And somebody who got me more than I should get – which is a great thing. So again, thanks a lot and best of luck to you. – GR 

Keystone, CO
February 26, 2022

This has been such a great purchase for me.  I go up every other week when I’m in town.  I use the entire house in July and August with friends & family visiting.  This year I had a renter from October thru April and a couple who sold two years ago rented the month of June last year and May & June this year.
I couldn’t be happier with the purchase.  Whenever I’m talking about it, I give you all the credit for making this deal work considering we were $400,000 apart when we started.  Thank you. – Katie

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